Denbeigh Project: Retaining Wall System

The homeowner in this picturesque area of North Wales had a retaining wall collapse at his property causing damage to a bridge over the Afon Ystrad river. Fortunately the damage was covered by insurance.


Segrwyd Hall, Denbeigh, Wales


Owen Knox


Modular Block & associated engineering

Identifying Retaining Wall Needs

At an early stage Retain were contacted by the owner of this Airbnb property. Initially, the discussion was focused around the provision of a modular block retaining wall to replace the collapsed structure. Later it became clear that removal of the collapsed wall, repairs to the bridges and work in the river would form part of the contract.
Following discussions with the owner, the insurance company and the quantity surveyor a solution was proposed.

In consideration of:

  • The best system for the location: Allan Block was chosen
  • Aesthetics: An Ashlar pattern in Pewter to match surrounding stonework
  • Cost: Retain took on all the work involving disposal off site, building of the retaining wall, modifications to the river bed and repairs to the damaged bridge

How Retain Contributed

Once we had visited the site, we proposed changes to the bridge repair design. A new wooden bridge had originally been proposed but we suggested that the best approach was to extend the existing steels and form a new bank seat. This produced a significant saving for the client and was a more durable solution. A gabion mattress was also specified for the river bed. The extra design was contained within our normal package at no extra cost.
Once the Insurance company had signed off on the proposed design our retaining wall installation team enjoyed the beautiful location and took pride in the finished product.


  • 30 Years Experience: helped provide the client with reduced costs
  • “Full Cycle involvement”: ensured the contract ran smoothly from start to finish
  • Professionally Indemnified Design: satisfied the insurance company
  • Accurate estimating: meant the extra design changes were provided at no extra cost

modular retaining wall
modular retaining wall
modular block

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