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Greenface Retaining Walls

Greenface retaining walls utilise a reinforced slope system which provides a green vegetated steep slope up to angles of 70 degrees.

The Greenface retaining wall system comprises horizontal reinforcement connected to a pre fabricated steel mesh facing and is built by compacting suitable fill material between the reinforcement in 600mm layers.

A layer of seeded top soil is placed behind the facing and provides a vegetated green face. The greenface retaining wall system is designed in accordance with BS8006 and provides a 60-120 year design life. 

Applications of Greenface Retaining Walls



Design & Manufacture Of Greenface Retaining Walls

The design incorporates steel facing with geogrid as the structural tail. Facing steel and the topsoil just behind protects the geogrid from UV degradation, impact damage, fire and vandalism. Depending on the application, the slope angle can vary between 45 to 75 degrees. The fill material is specified to comply with Class 6 free draining granular or Class 7 cohesive granular.

The system is manufactured from 8mm high tensile steel fabricated mesh for the facing. Panel sizes are 2.3m long and each lift is 600mm. The Geogrid is independently certified.

Installation Of Greenface Retaining Walls

With low bearing pressures the system is flexible, requiring no structural foundation. Site won fill is regularly used. Experience has proven the system quick to install. Curves, steps and cranks are easily incorporated on site. Our "Full Cycle Involvement" aims to ensure Cost Certainty from start to finish. However design changes, if required, are quick and seamless.

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