Innovative solutions for retaining walls

We are not restricted to one system but can provide the most suitable system for a particular scheme


All detailed design is carried out by our team of chartered and graduate engineers which is headed by our technical director, Dr David Marrs.

Design standards appropriate to the application are applied. These include British and European standards together with more specific guidance such as the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges. All designs are independently checked by one of our experienced chartered engineers and backed by professional indemnity insurance.

In summary then:

  • Chartered Engineers: All our changes are signed off by chartered engineers.
  • Professional Indemnity: We maintain full professional indemnity cover. Details can be provided.
  • Autocad Drawings: We accept layouts electronically and prepare Autocad drawings for the initial contract and again when built.
  • "No foal no fee": We do not charge separately for design but obtain our profit from our full-cycle involvement.
  • TAS approvals: We regularly obtain TAS approvals.
  • Geotechnical Approval: When requested we can obtain geotechnical approval.


All our products have been designed or selected as best in class.

We ensure constant feedback between our design department and our experiences on site. This ensures our products comply with all relevant legislation and standards. Because we are not restricted to one system we can supply the most appropriate retaining solution for any given application.

Our products are backed by:

  • Continual R&D: We have ongoing Research and Development programmes.
  • External Accreditation: We employ agencies to provide external accreditation, including BBA accreditation on a number of our products.
  • Manufacture: Close liaison with the manufacturing facilities is central to our business model.
  • Delivery: Our transport partners have been with us for 15 years.
  • Testing: Products are regularly tested for conformity with appropriate standards.
  • The future: We track major developments in the industry by attending trade shows and reviewing design standards.


A successfully completed project is our end product. Our construction ability matches the quality of our design and the products we supply.

This vertical integration means we have experience across all the facets of a successful project. Contractor Designed schemes suit our business model. All aspects of the works are covered under one umbrella.

Our client list includes all major contractors, engineers, architects and statutory bodies, including Roads, Water and Railways.

Our experience on contracts ranging in size from £5000 to £350,000 insures that the main contractor can have confidence on:

  • Cost: The ultimate solution provided will be cost effective. Specialisation and control of all the facets ensures tight cost control.
  • Risk: Our Contractor's All Risks insurance is in turn supported by our Professional Indemnity and products liability insurances.
  • Programme: Our work is co-ordinated with the main contractor's time frame. Specialisation ensures we can predict our time on site accurately.
  • Technical Approval: Full cycle involvement ensures that appropriate technical approval is obtained from "Approval in Principle" to "Construction Compliance".
  • Health & Safety: All our operatives are registered with the Construction Safety Register and we continually monitor our H & S processes.

Our level of repeat business is testimony to our philosophy of providing high quality and value orientated solutions.

Whole Cycle Involvement

We are not tied to one system but can provide the most suitable system for a particular scheme.