We are design & build specialists

Designed by Chartered Engineers, backed with PI insurances and installed by experienced construction squads

Modular Block

Modular block walling is a mortarless dry stacking system. We specialise in walls which require civil engineering design approval and the vast majority of walls we provide include geogrid reinforcement.

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Our experience over the years with gabions has meant that we concentrate on Welded Mesh gabions. These offer many benefits over woven gabions including reduced labour costs and dimensional accuracy.

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Crib Walls

Crib walls are built of individual units assembled to create a series of box like structures which are filled with suitable free draining granular stone to produce a substantial maintenance free structure.


Reinforced Soil

Our reinforced soil systems consist of geogrids laid in horizontal layers within compacted granular fill material. The reinforced soil block which is created provides stability against overturning, sliding and shear.